Legal New Jersey Sports Betting

The topic of legal New Jersey sports gambling finally forced its way through the mainstream, since the state successfully challenged the restrictive Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA, 1992) all the way to the Supreme Court, coming out on top in the long run. On May 14, 2018, the SCOTUS overturned PASPA as unconstitutional, thereby allowing New Jersey — and the rest of the countries in America — to legalize and control their particular sports gambling industries. With the thriving Atlantic City gaming market and several historic racetracks throughout the country, the industry for legal sports betting at NJ has the potential to overshadow that of Nevada.
Despite PASPA’s overturn, to understand legal sports betting from New Jersey, it can be handy to learn about specific other federal and state laws. Becoming familiar with the present state of authorized New Jersey sports gambling will provide you a clearer picture of just how and where you are able to bet on sportsbetting. Yes, it’s simpler than ever to bet on athletics in NJ, but there is still some background that responsible gamblers must know about.
Is Land Based Sports Betting Legal In New Jersey?
Land-based sports gambling is now legal in New Jersey! While PASPA was in effect, the only states granted exemption were people who had sports betting laws in place prior to the federal law was made effective on January 1, 1993. Nevada, Delaware, Oregon, and Montana were the only states grandfathered into the legislation, although NV was the only state with single-game wagering (aka full-service sports betting).
Paradoxically, the only real grace period from the time PASPA was signed (October 28th, 1992) to its effective date was especially meant to allow the state of NJ to enact their own sports betting laws. But, lawmakers inexplicably failed to pass some other sports betting laws during the window, which led to the state falling under the umbrella of the federal ban. On the ensuing 25 years, NJ legislators have worked vehemently to acquire the prohibition lifted. Now they have done just that, you may enjoy land-based, lawful New Jersey sports betting all across Atlantic City and across the remainder of the country. State-based online sports gambling is also an alternative in New Jersey, and the sky’s the limit for how far the business can continue to go.
Is Online Sports Betting Legal At New Jersey?
Internet gambling has been legal in the country for years, but online sports betting has just recently been made lawful in New Jersey. Policymakers had pushed for lawful New Jersey sports betting websites that would be regulated by the nation long before PASPA was eliminated, and with the national ban no more standing whatsoever, NJ residents can bet at any given variety of casino-affiliated online sportsbooks. The catch is that to set up an account, online bettors in NJ ought to really go to all those novels’ associated casinos to register. But, withdrawals may be requested via mail, so at least some measure of extra advantage is set up in that respect.
All that said, it is crucial to note that despite the proliferation of local online options (and an obvious state interest in promoting those options), there’s been no legislation enacted or even suggested that would make using offshore sportsbooks contrary to the law. This is a good thing, as such foreign novels are often superior to in-state options, particularly when it comes to action on local teams (since there is no home-team skew on the gambling boards, driving up the vig, or home take, to compensate). Furthermore, these overseas websites are licensed and operated by local gambling jurisdictions in their home countries, and every operator is licensed to accept players in the USA.
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New Jersey Sports Betting Revenue
New Jersey is in a league of its own (excluding Nevada) as it comes to the sheer volume of sports wagering. While some states are just breaking or failing to live up to sports gambling revenue expectations, New Jersey has observed their handle surpass $1 billion since the beginning of 2019, with roughly 80 percent of it coming from online sports betting. Meadowlands and Resorts Casino (through their online skins) are accountable for three-quarters of revenue since the industry launched in June 2018. Insert in Monmouth Park and Ocean Resorts and all these four sportsbooks account for over 90% of their total tax gifts.
Where To Bet On Sports At New Jersey
The better question would be,”Where can not you wager on sports in New Jersey?” Now that the activity has been legalized, you can wager on sports at NJ at any number of physical locations, including all the casinos on the Atlantic City strip, The Meadowlands, and Monmouth Park. You can even bet on sports through any number of neighborhood Internet-based books wherever you are in the state, and of course, the offshore option is always right at your fingertips anywhere you’ve got a data or Wi-Fi link.
The sole venue in New Jersey that doesn’t offer sports wagering (however ) is the Freehold Raceway, although website officials are still working hard to deliver sports gambling to the historical place ASAP.
Where’s The Closest Location To Me To Bet?
Finding the nearest place to bet in New Jersey is easy no matter where you reside within the state: Atlantic City and the pair of centrally-located racetracks in NJ (The Meadowlands in East Rutherford and Monmouth Park in Oceanport). Please notice: Should you also desire to enjoy casino gambling along with your sports betting, casino activity is restricted to the AC strip place, so all you need to do is select your casino and push into the city.
All the casinos in AC have loads of table games to allow gamers to pick from, but the actual highlight recently has been the many different, competing sportsbooks that these websites offer. Additionally, with 10 casinos around the AC strip (and with the majority of them offering online sports betting components), New Jersey is one of the simplest places to shop lines among actual bodily places, giving you a sports betting edge that you can only otherwise find at legal offshore sports gambling sites.
Atlantic City New Jersey Sportsbooks
Bally’s Wild Wild West Sportsbook Atlantic City
Borgata Sportsbook Atlantic City
DraftKings Sportsbook Atlantic City
Golden Nugget Atlantic City
Harrah’s Sportsbook Atlantic City
Ocean Resort Atlantic City
Tropicana Sportsbook Atlantic City
Freehold New Jersey Sportsbooks
Freehold Raceway Sportsbook
Meadowlands New Jersey Sportsbooks
FanDuel Sportsbook Meadowlands
Oceanport New Jersey Sportsbooks
Monmouth Park Sportsbook Oceanport
New Jersey Cities With Sports Betting:
Atlantic City
East Rutherford
New Jersey Sports Betting Gains For March 2019:
Though the fledgling New Jersey sportsbooks took a small bath during the Super Bowl in January (which, paradoxically, is the direct opposite of”cleaning up”), the boat has been righted — and then some! On the heels of March Madness (the second-most-popular sports wagering occasion on the US calendar), NJ sportsbooks took in a total monthly handle of $372,451,342. This eclipses February’s record handle by over $52 million. Obviously, sports betting in NJ is hugely popular, and it is simply picking up steam.
In terms of earnings, March’s figures include $31.7 million in complete take across all 10 retail sportsbooks and 13 online sportsbooks that operate in the nation. Collectively, NJ sportsbooks held 8.5% of wagers, which is over the average 6-7% rate attained by most novels in many regions. The biggest individual winner for the month was FanDuel, which functions The Meadowlands’ sportsbook onsite and on the internet. FanDuel took in roughly $17.5 million of the overall sports betting revenue in the state, while its rival DraftKings came in second with just over $7.3 million in earnings. These two books control 78 percent of their New Jersey sports gambling market.
Broken down by mobile vs. retail, the numbers reveal exactly how important statewide Internet-based wagering would be to states that wish to legalize sports wagering. In New Jersey, three weeks of March Madness action led to massive standing-room-only audiences at physical sportsbooks throughout the state, which were pushed beyond capacity for much of the month. However, $298,282,154 was wagered online by patrons who could not make it to a proper betting venue. This is fully 80% of all wagers placed in the state. In other words, at maximum capability throughout a popular championship, local books just processed 20 percent of all wagers made by NJ residents. For any state that wishes to optimize its own sports wagering tax revenue, New Jersey is Exhibit A reason cellular needs to be an absolute priority.
New Jersey Sports Betting Websites There are two sorts of New Jersey sports betting sites: those that are and aren’t regulated by the state authorities. The state-regulated websites ask that you sing up on site, but after that, you can bet from anywhere in the state. However, you must still physically be located within New Jersey’s boundaries, and the Interstate Wire Act remains in effect.
The other kind of NJ sports betting sites are the offshore options. These websites are operated offshore in locations like Costa Rica where online sports gambling has been allowed for decades. Such websites offer betting lines on all your favourite sports, ensuring you may wager on the New Jersey Devils along with other teams. The action is exactly the same that you would see in a Vegas sportsbook, together with the best odds and betting options like moneylines, totals, point spreads, and parlays. Even better, you are not geo-fenced at these novels, and it is also possible to wager on NJ college athletics, which is forbidden at state-sanctioned sites.
Joining an overseas sports betting site in NJ is easy to do: Simply find a sportsbook that suits your needs and sign up. It is that simple. Accounts require less than 5 minutes to make, and membership is always free. There are numerous online sportsbooks that take residents out of NJ and throughout the US, and all the top brands are 100% safe, safe, and legal to use.
New Jersey Sports Betting And Gambling Laws
New Jersey sports gambling and gaming legislation have turned into a national talking point and hot-button political issue throughout the last several years in the push to establish legal New Jersey sports betting. Initially, all gambling was legal in the state, but in 1894, all gaming was banned. Back in 1939, horse racing gambling (pari-mutuel gambling ) was re-legalized, and soon afterwards, most charitable gaming (bingo, pull-tabs, raffles) was also approved.
The state lottery has been legalized in 1970 with wide public support, also in 1975, NJ made history by introducing the Pick-It, which had been the initial lotto system in America that enabled players to choose their own numbers. In 1976, New Jersey voters approved a referendum allowing casino gambling to be made lawful in the country, given all of the places would be found in Atlantic City.
In 2011, online casino gaming started in New Jersey, and one year afterwards, then-governor Chris Christie signed voter-approved legislation legalizing sports betting from the nation. The legal challenges by different sports leagues (such as the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, and NCAA) dragged on for a further six decades, leading to the landmark SCOTUS ruling announcing PASPA unconstitutional and null and void.
More recently, Assembly Bill 4111 was passed and signed into legislation, refining the legal structure and regulatory standards of New Jersey’s new sports betting industry. The legislation sets the minimum age to bet on sports in 21, makes it unlawful to bet on NCAA contests held within the state of NJ, makes it unlawful to wager on NJ collegiate teams no matter where they perform, and wagering on eSports is also contrary to the law. What’s more, the legislation mandates an 8.5% tax rate on physical sportsbook earnings and a 13% tax rate on Internet-based sportsbook revenue.
What Teams Can I Bet On?
New Jersey’s close proximity to the Empire State sets it in a exceptional position when it has to do with the teams that residents bet on. The country is somewhat of a mixed bag, with all the groups which sport fans root for determined by that side of the state they reside. By Way of Example, in South Jersey, Nearly All sports fans root for the Philadelphia Eagles.
Making things more interesting is that MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford is home to two NFL teams, the New York Giants and the New York Jets. The state is also home to a NHL team and one by the MLS. At sportsbooks, you’ll find betting odds on just about any professional and collegiate team which you could imagine (although NJ-based teams can only be wagered on through offshore venues because of state law). Here are the most popular teams which NJ citizens bet:
Popular Pro + College Teams To Bet On In New Jersey
Rutgers Scarlet Knights (Large 10) Princeton Tigers (Ivy League) New York Giants (NFL)
New York Jets (NFL) Philadelphia Eagles (NFL) New York Yankees (MLB)
New York Mets (MLB) Philadelphia Phillies (MLB) New York Knicks (NBA)
Brooklyn Nets (NBA) New Jersey Devils (NHL) New York Rangers (NHL)
New York Islanders (NHL) Philadelphia Flyers (NHL) New York Liberty (WNBA)
New York Red Bulls (MLS)
Horse Racing Betting In New Jersey
Horse racing gambling in New Jersey was banned in 1894 and then legalized formally in 1939. But during the ban, betting the ponies was exceptionally well known in the state. The first horse race trail has been Freehold Raceway (that is in fact the very first business horse racing track in US history, having first opened its doors at the 1830s), and there are presently a total of 3 tracks where patrons can bet on the horses. The state also has a handful of OTB gaming places where you could enjoy food, beverage, and plenty of races.
New Jersey residents can also use online racebooks if not spending the afternoon at the races. You’ll get excellent horse betting odds, horse racing results, and live streams to keep you up on all the action at any leading offshore sportsbook service. Mobile racebooks make setting straight or exotic horse bets even more convenient, providing immediate accessibility to significant tracks in the hands of your hand via cutting-edge mobile betting. These horse racing gambling sites provide you the maximum flexibility when gambling on the Sport of Kings.
Daily Fantasy Sports At New Jersey
New Jersey wasn’t the first state to regulate daily fantasy sport, but they’ve become leaders with their innovative DFS products. The country established FastPick, a parlay-style daily fantasy sports stage. The merchandise made Resorts AC the very first casino Outside NV and CO to partner with a DFS platform. FastPick differs in that participants are playing against the house as opposed to other users. Before PASPA was overturned, this was the nearest that you can get to authorized New Jersey sports gambling.
The NJ Legislature passed a fantasy sports invoice to regulate DFS in the nation. The bill, A 3532, states that players must be 18 years old and also requires certain customer protections. Contests are permitted on both the collegiate and professional sports.

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