Liverpool wanted Steven Gerrard gone earlier, says Michael Owen

Until he left the club according to Michael Owen liverpool desired rid of Steven Gerrard.
Boyhood Liverpool fan Gerrard graduated after Owen only from the academy of the club, registering a professional deal at the club 11 months afterwards up was signed by Owen.
Owen left for Real Madrid together with Gerrard resisting curiosity from Chelsea to remain at Anfield that summer, in 2004.
Owen considers the Liverpool skipper had been made to depart for pastures new, although gerrard finally left for LA Galaxy over a decade later.
“In Steven’s case, I seriously doubt whether he really wanted to go and play in the States in 2015,” Owen wrote in his new autobiography Reboot.
“I’ve heard that the team needed him out two decades before when he actually left.
“I’m sure he would rather have wound down his career at Liverpool, playing fewer games until he reached a point where he could be incorporated into the training staff.
“This just occurred later in his case. But because he would become so emblematic and so strong, I believe he was forced out at the short term. Steven was bigger than the team.”

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