MLB Totals Picks Expert Over Under The Total Predictions 7/7/2019

The All-Star fracture is coming at a good time, allowing the opportunity to do a little work and try and get things moving in the second half of this year. Totals are a little better the past few days, but have given it straight back with the sides.
Philadelphia in Mets: Pretty large move , as this one has moved from 9-over into 8-under with good two-way actions. I’ve got this one at 9. A light breeze seems to be blowing in.
Miami at Atlanta: The complete here has remained at 9.5 with 61% of the wagers coming in on the below. I have this one at 8.5, as Keuchel is rounding into shape and had his best start so much last time on the mound. A mild breeze is predicted to be blowing towards left field.
Milwaukee at Pittsburgh: The total dropped from 10 to 9.5 with close to 60% of their wagers on the over. I have this one at 9. No real wind to speak of in this one.
St. Louis at San Francisco: The following move of one run in this match, as the total opened at 9 and is currently down to 8 with close to two-thirds of the wagers coming in on the over. In addition, I have this one at 8 and the wind will be strong as usual, but is blowing more left-to-right, rather than blowing out.
Colorado at Arizona: The total with this particular one has moved out of 9-over to 8.5-flat with close to 58% of the ancient wagers on the below. Light wind is expected to be blowing right to left.
San Diego at Dodgers: The total here started at 8.5 and has remained there with a couple areas moving to 8.5-under with 55% of their wagers on the above. I’ve got it at 9.
Cleveland at Cincinnati: The complete here proceeded from 9.5-under into 9-flat with pretty decent two-way action. I have this one and 7 and will take the under, with a mild breeze blowing towards right.
Kansas City in Washington: This one has moved from 9.5 to 9-over with close to 70 percent of their wagers on the below and I left this only 8.
Cubs at White Sox: This one has climbed from 10 to 10.5 with near 60 percent of the wagers on the above. I also have this one at 10.5.