Paul Merson Says: Unai Emery is to blame for Arsenal collapse

While Kevin De Bruyne backfired at Norwich to rest in his column, Paul Merson highlights the collapse of Unai Emery to sense the threat at Watford.
I have got to put it. Folks will say that there were experienced players but he’s the boss and they are paid to listen . You can’t have a manager give instructions on how to play and they then do their own thing and go outside. There would be mutiny, so they’re listening and he’s not getting it correctly.
His substitutions weren’t perfect. They needed to keep the ball at that game however they kept giving it. Was Mesut Ozil. You just knew that Arsenal had to score another goal but kids were being brought by him on.
Since this rule began when they could pass the ball at the six-yard box, then why have they started doing this? Last year, Nobody did it, and they’re all doing it.
The supervisor should have seen that and got out the message on the pitch catch the ball ahead and to prevent that. They could win the next ball, and move from there, if they don’t win the ball. They have to come through three-quarters of the pitch if Watford did win the ball inside their own half. What exactly are they trying to do?
Sometimes these players believe that they’re something special and will not be shut down – . In Watford in the first half, it was a walk at the park for Arsenal, they’re 2-0 up and you are thinking it’s the close of the football game. Where the next minute, you’re hanging but I don’t know different teams.
Watford had been defeated 3-1 at home to West Ham and. You’re pushing them from the dressing room at half-time, it’s the last thing they would want to do is go out to the pitch for the next half.
Just Arsenal would provide them a opportunity to get back in the game.
The supervisor got it horribly wrong and Watford felt as though they’d nothing to lose, although the shackles came . I couldn’t believe he attracted Ozil off. Who is going to open up a team ?
To get Sokratis to perform out from the trunk… the lad can’t playwith. He is not David Luiz. He could pass, he is comfortable on the ball. No way could Sokratis play the same . They have to play with with three in the back since they’re not great enough to perform a four. They let in too many targets and make many mistakes.
If you continue doing the exact things it is like anything in life, you will keep on getting exactly the exact results.
You could tell within 10 minutes that this went to be a play game from the way Individual City played.
The way they were passing around it, it was all so lackadaisical. They thought they turned to wipe the floor and it backfired. Didn’t Kevin De Bruyne begin? Straightaway the manager is sending out a signal.
You need to play with your best players and get the game done and dusted in half an hour, De Bruyne may come off. What City do all the time when they have to chase games will be end up on who end up getting in the way of each other by throwing out a load of forwards.
Sterling mahrez, Jesus, Aguero and De Bruyne around. De Bruyne played as centre-half to get the ball the last 10 minutes. There was nowhere for everyone to go.
Pep is without Laporte, so he needed to play with his very best team. Klopp does as he knows that this is. It’s a huge gap today and should Liverpool go to Chelsea this weekend and then win, City are in trouble.
It looks like Stones’ confidence is shot while Walker is all pace. The next goal, he got to step up but since he is quick he is thinking he is going to be alright.
You’ve got to have a bit about you it is a step upward to perform offside. I said they’d miss Laporte, plus they are. This was contrary to one of the teams.
Tottenham made Crystal Palace look average. Spurs were back to the side but for me it’s already too late to allow them to catch Liverpool, although they are a team that have won away to all the big teams.
Harry Winks is the way he gets the ball, such a huge player for these. They have got the movement of Son, both Kane and Lamela.
Whenever the whistle and they seemed a team that was suitable blew, they meant business. They rolled the ball back to the centre-half, the lumped it forward and Winks put it over the pub within 10 seconds.
The lovers didn’t need to wait patiently. They took the match and they didn’t know what day it was.
It is all about getting a fracture down. He never looks like getting a game, although he’s a footballer when you look at Phil Foden at Man City. You need a rest. Would Abraham be scoring each of these goals Frank Lampard wasn’t in Chelsea and if there wasn’t a transfer embargo? No chance.
He and Mount would have been out on loan somewhere else. So you’ve got to offer significant credit to Lampard. They have the embargo, but he could still have played with experienced gamers. He’s got a World Cup winner to the bench.
He’s thought in these kids, although this is a task for Lampard. There’s only one man getting the sofa, In case it goes wrong, and that’s Frank. Mount and Abraham have been in their best two players this year, and Abraham’s goals are great.
I scored three goals and played with the past five games of a season for Arsenal annually. I thought the season would be my year and then Arsenal were on the brink of signing Tony Cottee for #4m. But he decided to go to Everton.
I would not have played, if he had gone to Arsenal. You have to take that break, although I ended up playing over 400 matches to them, which means you will need a break.

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