Roman Reigns vs Seth Rollins as WWE draft begins on SmackDown

Roman Reigns faces Seth Rollins in an all-star SmackDown match as the draft of WWE Strikes Sky Sports Arena at tonight.

The Shield colleagues will do struggle with draft consequences – whoever wins will get the first choice since WWE undertake their yearly roster reshuffle.
Reigns is currently symbolizing SmackDown and Rollins strikes the Raw flag for the right to make the first choice in the shake-up of this year.
As more than 70 WWE superstars will be up for selection, there will be celebrities involved in the draft, including Hollywood star Christian Slater along with baseball superstar Alex Rodriguez.
Because SmackDown is a series and malevolent runs for three hours, Raw will receive three choices for every two SmackDown gets, meaning the blue trademark will take tonight to 30 wrestlers and 41 linking.
Label teams may count as you pick, although the two brands will be able to break up the team if they wish.
Any undrafted superstars will be declared free agents and can sign with either new, as a brand new age of WWE begins and the card rule comes to a finish.
SmackDown can make their selections tonight and Raw across the draft out on Monday night, with all pools delegated for selection on each night.

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