Rugby World Cup: Bring tournament to USA, says head coach Gary Gold

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Organisers should take the World Cup to the USA in 2027 if theyreally want to increase the sport, says USA head coach Gary Gold.
The USA confront Tonga within their Pool C game on Sunday, following defeats by England, France and Argentina.
He says Japan, on the brink of attaining the quarter-finals for the very first time, would be the perfect illustration of why the championship should be hosted by states that are tier-two.
For us, Japan really are an incredible role model for so many reasons, said Gold.
Russia, Australia and argentina have bid to host the tournament in eight years time.
Gold, whos worked in Japan, states being awarded the Brave Blossoms were given the platform to relish their championship so far in 2015, if they won three matches, including a shock win over South Africa by the World Cup.
They have climbed into an position of eighth in the world.
This is why I feel so very strongly that if World Rugby genuinely do want to grow the sport, as they claim they wish to, subsequently USA need to be a competitor for your 2027 Rugby World Cup, added that the South African.
Four decades after, for them to become quarter-final contenders is a fairytale come true.
Its something that may be done, but it had been largely off the back of them having been given a Rugby World Cup.
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