SEC Football 2019-20

Once they refuse to bow to the press, I have bragged on faculty gridiron coaches. For instance, I didn’t mind former Georgia Tech skipper Paul Johnson’s devilish sideline remarks after assisting his Yellow Jackets whip Mississippi State in the Orange Bowl a few years back. “For once,” he chuckled,”we do not have to hear about the SEC.”

But take away the mindset, and that quote isn’t one of ol’ CPJ’s words.

National pundits will always talk SEC football. As we should. The summit boasts 1 from 2 of the foremost annual College Football Playoff contenders, along with the SEC’s University of Georgia is arguably as difficult to conquer in a CFP match as Alabama as the decade winds to a close.

Furthermore, that the SEC is only a handful of years’ removed from dominance of the FBS. Southeastern Conference schools won 7 national titles.

One could argue that because that time, the ACC and Big Ten have simply grown more powerful, as opposed to SEC football becoming poorer. In reality it is not really a grand idea to think of elite FBS apps (or even FCS programs for that matter) as”representing” a conference. Alabama, Clemson, Georgia, Ohio State and a couple of select other groups may also belong in another branch. They all need to play in a conference — but they’d all look like a million bucks against just about any P5 schedule.

Alabama has won 2 titles in the CFP age, same as the Clemson Tigers have.

The one problem is that the SEC isn’t sending as many groups to that upper stratosphere nowadays. UGA is obviously a powerhouse, but short-lived runs at the grail from other Southeastern colleges have seemed to be built on quicksand.

Nick Fitzgerald won games with his legs at Mississippi State, but he couldn’t win them all that way. Drew Lock could zing an NFL ball but he has moved on since last season. LSU knows how to let a fan base, and Texas A&M knows the way to come close-but-no-cigar vs the aristocrats of the sport.

Will the duopoly be contested? Could Nick Saban or Kirby Smart surprise in either division of the SEC at 2019?

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