St Helens vs Salford: Grand Final is a game like no other, says Rob Burrow

Salford Red Devils and St Helens gamers will encounter amatch like no other if they take part in this years Grand Final, says eight-time winner Rob Burrow.
St Helens will be appearing in their first final for five decades while Salford will be creating their Grand debut live on Sky Sports.
Former Leeds Rhinos player Burrow told Sky Sports News:Both teams are playing well but the Grand Final is a game unlike any other. The intensity climbs significantly.
The spine of the team has to perform well and it is about locating a performance that you havent found annually. The strength is it hits you area.
Youve got to earn a mark on the sport quite early because the final just appears to pass you by. One minute there is five seconds to the clock, the second.
They move by so quickly so Id say get in the game make your postage.
Salford come in the Grand Final because underdogs but possess Person of Steel Jackson Hastings in their ranks, and Burrow says:They have been very good all season and have gone under the radar for big pieces. Theyre appropriately so and carrying the plaudits.
[Head coach] Ian Watson has done a excellent job there and he talks about group unity – thats powerful moving into huge games.
Salford professionally deserve to be there and that I believe everybody is happy that somebody else new has come in.
St Helens finished 18 points clear from Salford from the Super League table, also Burrow says theyll be confident of winning their Grand Final.
You have got a team thats not missing confidence in big matches, he explained. St Helens are a team thats identical to success and they have been brilliant from one.
They will be let down with their Challenge Cup final defeat [into Warrington] but they have moved on and put in a great performance against Wigan a couple of weeks back.
St Helens ought to be convinced, theyve been fantastic all year.

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