Totals Have Gone OVER in Rare Occurrences Where They’ve Been Set at 6

Then you ought to tune in to the Jets-Stars game tonight, according to sportsbooks, if you like intentions. The total of this game opened at a huge number of 6 but will most likely be hammered down to 5.5 at the time that the betting windows shut.
A precedent is for goals in this series with four of those teams’ five matchups last season having more or eight targets. That said, totals of 6 are very rare — therefore, just what are the chances we see more or six goals tonight?
In the eight cases where the total has closed at a number higher than 5.5 since the 2014-15 year, the 2 teams playing have really eclipsed the group total five times and the average overall goals scored was 6.125. Five-eighths is not a lock but it is a fantastic number for a line that has some value on the OVER.
Even without that information, I’d be leaning toward the OVER tonight. The fact that there are just two totals of 5.5 or more in the last two seasons means Vegas is scared of this match and is pretty damn certain there’s likely to be many goals.
The Jets’ aims for and against total right now sits in 6.48 while the Stars’ is a lofty 5.98. Goals are way up in the NHL right now and the two goalies playing tonight — Michael Hutchinson and Antti Niemi — leave a great deal to be desired with their various 4.02 and 4.83 goals-against averages.
Keep an eye on the total in our NHL odds page and if you discover a total of 5.5 at one of your books, take it and run with it.
Here’s the historical data for matches in the last three seasons which have closed with a total of over 5.5.

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