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Column: Payday loan providers, asking 460%, aren’t subject to California’s usury law

It’s a concern I have expected a whole lot: If California’s usury legislation states a unsecured loan can’t have actually a yearly rate of interest of significantly more than 10%, just how can payday lenders break free with interest levels topping 400%?

lots of visitors came after I wrote Tuesday about a provision of Republican lawmakers’ Financial Choice Act that would eliminate federal oversight of payday and car-title lenders at me with that head-scratcher.

I came across the one-sentence measure hidden on web Page 403 associated with the 589-page bill, that will be likely to show up for a vote by the House of Representatives in a few days.

And acquire this: in the event that you plow also much much deeper, to web Page 474, you’ll find an also sneakier supply regarding disclosure of CEO pay. More about that in a second.

Usury, or profiting unfairly from that loan, was frowned upon since biblical times. Continue reading