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Strain Review: Headband

Strain Review: Headband

Attention — in the event that you buy this strain you will require a odor proof vault or a feeling of scent like Dewey Cox if you’d like to bring this stress anywhere to you.

The aroma ended up being like a youngster on starting of Disneyland standing there at day 6:59 AM for a 7:00 AM opening. It had been pushing to leave of this container. Even Before we even though it was sealed, I could already smell this nice lady had an opportunity to meet. (Does that sound okay?, maybe perhaps maybe not if we had been chatting about an individual, however when our company is speaing frankly about cannabis, i believe that is okay)

Headband’s parents are two famous stone movie stars for the cannabis world — Sour Diesel and OG Kush. To not ever be confused with Sour Kush or Sour OG.

Opening the container, that diesel lineage is strong by having a hint of citrus and a tinge that is slight of. Continue reading