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Cougars! Cubs! Panthers! Oh My! A myriad of Sex Kittens Prowl Reality television Party

A strapping child called Jason reached Katra Lounge on Sunday, April 19, displaying a freshly ironed button-down shirt and a purposeful, doe-eyed expression.

He surveyed the sparsely populated bar in search of this older girl of their aspirations. “Well,” he said, “it’s a chance. There are lots of really stunning ladies in right here.”

He glanced to their right at Shahla Husein, 40, and Henshi Gorodetsky, 46, who have been sitting in a tiny, candle lit alcove, straight across through the bar. They certainly were both putting on small tube dresses, bracelets and bangles, and had been searching earnestly in the verile young lad.

Jason, 26, was indeed invited away that evening because of the manufacturers of a real possibility television show now under development, en en titled Cougars: NYC—not to be mistaken for The Cougar, the brand new television Land community dating show, hosted by Vivica A. Fox; or Cougar Town, the future ABC sitcom featuring Courteney Cox. (from the time 40-something actress Demi Moore first swooned for 20-something star Ashton Kutcher, it appears, the tired older-woman-meets-younger-man tale line through the Graduate has somehow kept scriptwriters busier than in the past!)

“It’s funny,” Jason told the frequent Transom, smirking. “Because we don’t understand how they discovered me.” (Turns out, he received the invite through their MySpace account.) “I suggest, I’m into dating older females, but We nevertheless don’t understand how they knew to make contact with me. Continue reading