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The reality behind a number of the strange and things that are worrisome think of intercourse and our anatomical bodies

Myth: contraceptive is really a mood-killer

may be the thing that’s preventing maternity additionally preventing you against getting any within the room? Hormones impact our intercourse birth and drive control pills change a woman’s hormones amounts, so that it makes sense that being on the tablet could have an impact on her sexual drive. But this belief that is popular flat incorrect: using the tablet doesn’t have impact for a woman’s sexual drive, relating to a research posted into the Journal of Sexual Medicine. Another birth that is popular misconception is the fact that condoms make sex less pleasurable; a different study carried out by Indiana University unearthed that men and women reported more sexual joy when utilizing contraception ( most likely since they were less focused on the effects).

Myth: Blackouts, storms, and attacks that are terrorist a infant growth nine months later

Thanks to a blackout, a blizzard, a bomb scare, or other factor that lands you stuck aware of no lights with no internet, you select you’ve surely got to amuse yourselves through getting busy when you look at the bedroom, right? (And hey, you’re simply attempting to remain hot!) This is an urban legend, says S. Philip Morgan, a Duke professor of sociology and demography and author of a study looking at the effects of these events on birth rates while this sounds like a fun plot to a rom-com. The information just does support the idea n’t of a “blackout child boom,” he says.

Myth: Sexting is merely for horny university kids

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Much is said in regards to the risks of sexting—and those are particularly genuine, particularly in casual relationships. Continue reading