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In accordance with Margolin, Anaheim cops never ever discovered proof that Angela Diaz created that e-mail account

One of this bogus e-mail accounts allegedly developed by Angela Diaz had been, which she presumably utilized to deliver communications to by by herself that threatened her life and that of her unborn kid. (Prosecutors state Angela Diaz actually faked her maternity and lied to police about anticipating an infant.)

“You will totally lose your child and it’ll be done by will of god,” one e-mail warned, before signing down with: “God’s vengeance will rise, Michelle.” Another e-mail stated, “You is going to be raped and kidnapped today.”

Margolin remarked that Ian Diaz acknowledged having a software called Hotspot Shield on their phone, which could conceal IP details. (Cunha testified he never ever discovered this phone software whenever Ian Diaz’s device that is searching.)

The lawyer theorized that Ian Diaz went and developed the Lilithistruth e-mail account, but Cunha wouldn’t normally get to date. “I do not have proof of that,” the cop testified.

Margolin further stated that Angela Diaz couldn’t have delivered the Lilithistruth e-mails since they included information to which she wasn’t privy.

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