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What sort of Cat Parasite Affects Your Behaviour, Psychological State and Sexual Drive

A job interview about Toxoplasma with a professional who’s got Toxoplasmosis.

Dr. Jaroslav Flegr, A czech researcher whom studies parasites and their impact on people. Picture by the author

Parasitic mind-control is common when you look at the animal kingdom. The rabies virus creates a delirious rage in its dying host, evoking the animal to infect new victims along with its bite. The hairworm Spinochordodes tellinii manipulates the minds of crickets into committing suicide by leaping into water, in which the worm can reproduce. Once the protozoan Toxoplasma gondii goes into a rodent, the animal’s natural concern with pet urine is reversed. The rodent becomes drawn to the smell of the predator, as soon as consumed, the parasite has the capacity to spawn inside the feline’s intestines.

Although Toxoplasma is mainly a rodent parasite, people aren’t resistant. Cats ensures ample opportunity to our cohabitation for toxoplasmosis that occurs through fecal contact. Since its finding within the very early 1900s, the protozoan was indeed commonly regarded as a fairly harmless passenger in humans. Truly the only recognized risk would be to clients with compromised resistant systems (such as for example people who have AIDS) and expectant mothers whoever fetuses in many cases are deformed or aborted because of the pathogen. Continue reading