Lifetime Review: ‘The Wife He Met On Line’

A father that is single marries the best Crazy Jealous Girl in this excitement trip of an eternity flick.

Like numerous things in life, wedding can fail if it often’s hurried into. Unfortunately, this indicates Lifetime protagonists have actually perhaps not quite discovered that it is best to wait to ensure the individual you are ready to walk serenely down the aisle with and simply simply take vows of eternal love for is not a psychopath, serial killer, son or daughter predator, or some hybrid of these three (damn, just exactly exactly what a film that best foreign brides will make. ) so frequently times, if a very long time movie begins with two different people engaged and getting married, one of these is a psychopath.

In this situation, this 1 will be Georgia Marisette (Sydney Penny). She actually is regarding the verge of having hitched to handsome solitary daddy Bryant Meyers ( All My kiddies alumni Cameron Mathison) after carrying for a months-long long-distance relationship, via an online relationship website and periodic visits. Georgia is mind over heels, and Bryant believes Georgia’s unlike any girl he is ever met.

But before Georgia also goes down the aisle, we reach note that she actually is not absolutely all right up into the noggin that is old. She views an eyesight of her mother that is deceased with perfect cruelty by Barbara Niven) chastising her for using way too long to find a spouse, followed closely by flashbacks of Georgia together with her ex-boyfriend Geoffrey Westlin (Michael Boisvert), accusing him of infidelity and setting their sleep on fire. And following the wedding, Georgia has a breakdown into the women’ space after seeing Bryant chatting together with colleague Zenya (Krista Bridges).

Yeah, one thing should inform you that Georgia’s maybe not within the most readily useful psychological state. So that as her envy involves a boil, Bryant will see their life that is entire threatened the girl he fell so in love with.

Generally in most “Tainted Love” life films, the movie is carried nearly completely by its’ crazed villain/villainess, of course The Wife He Met on line had been such an instance, Sydney Penny would’ve been a lot more than effective at carrying this movie on Georgia’s deluded, psychotic arms. As played by Penny, Georgia is a superb mixture of melodramatic psychosis and sympathetic tragedy. From exactly what brief glimpses we enter Georgia’s past, her upbringing left her starved for love and convinced that most guys had been deceitful, callous liars. Any less horrific, it’s always nice for Lifetime to add dimension to their characters while it does nothing to make her actions.

But he got courtesy of Georgia comes with a reminder that Georgia’s actions left Bryant with emotional damage that will take a while to heal–especially in regards to his love life like I sa >SPOILER ALERT: And in a nice dose of realism from Lifetime, even the film’s optimistic ending with Bryant surviving the knife wound.

The supporting cast does a fairly decent job, with Cynthia Preston, that has played her share of insane villainesses for life time, giving a likable and fairly fleshed down performance as Bryant’s concerned ex-wife. The movie additionally provides a shock look from regular life time actress Sophie Gendron, showing up as Georgia’s previous co-worker Penny. Also, Emily Burley provides performance that is surprisingly compelling Bryant’s young child Megan, joyfully avoiding taking place the beaten path to be an aggravating or overly cloying and just being an excellent kid whom fortunately does not get too taken into her stepmother’s schemes.

For the many part, The Wife He Met on the web is an extremely sol >The Boy She Met on line, in addition to standing well being a standalone thriller.